07-SEP-2017 – PROBOX2 Air Plus (/w Remote) Review by KLGADGETGUY

KLGadgetGuy did a review for PROBOX2 Air Plus (/w Remote+).


Most Android TV boxes focuses on selling the content that comes bundled on it, neglecting hardware performance and eventually the user experience, the PROBOX2 Air Plus does what a media player is supposed to do with the right price tag, it trumps almost every other media player in video format compatibility within the same category, while performing great in every tasks we threw at it. - Warren - KLGadgetGuy.com

To read the full review, please check it: https://klgadgetguy.com/2017/09/07/probox2-air-plus-android-tv-box-review-great-video-playback-performance/

PROBOX2 Air Plus: http://probox2.com/probox2-air-plus/


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