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20-Oct-2014 – MakeUseOf Full Review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+

MakeUseOf just finished a full review of PROBOX2 EX & remote+. They were highly impressed with the capable hardware and a nifty little controller that’s perfect for retro gaming.


MakeUseOf recommends: The best “Android TV” box yet – perfect for media center and retro gaming – but apps designed for a touchscreen are still clunky.


To read MakeUseOf full review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+, please go here.

Video review from MakeUseOf:

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28-Sep-2014 – LinuxGizmos Review of PROBOX2 EX

Updated on 28-Sep. LinuxGizmos they have just done a full, in-deep review on PROBOX2 EX Android TV Box. They did some comparison with PROBOX2 launcher and third-party launchers  ADW Launcher and Folder Orangizer. LinuxGizmos is one of the reviewers that concerned about media / streaming apps compatibility issues. They were not only to do demonstration on Youtube and Netflix, but also to do testing on most popular  media / streaming apps like BeyondPod, BubbleUPnP, Hulu, Pandora, PlayOn, Plex, SimpleTV, Skifta, TuneIn Radio, and Vudu.

For hardware testing, LinuxGizmos they have their testing practices like Antutu benchmark, Power consumption, Using the PROBOX2 EX as a WIFI access point.


To read the full review of PROBOX2 EX please go:

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24-Sep-2014 – Full Review (Spanish) of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+ just finished a comprehensive review (Spanish) of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+. They were highly impressed with the software and performance of PROBOX2 EX. They used some popular benchmark apps like Aututu, Vellamo, GFX Bench, 3Dmark to test the benchmark results. Testing with different video file formats like MPEG2 / MPEG4 / H.264 in 1080P & 4K resolutions.


To read full review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+, please go here.

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10-Sep-2014 – Spazio Android Full Review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+

Spazio Android they just did a full review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+. They were highly impressed with the hardware and performance of PROBOX2 EX. Remote+ is highly recommended by them for using with PROBOX2 EX. They gave PROBOX2 EX with score 9/10. They have tested Remote+ with some games like Asphalt 8, Gyro Galaxy, Riptide GP 2, Miracast with smartphone, Video playback on XBMC, Benchmark testing with Aututu. <br /><br />


To watch Spazio Android full review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+, please go here.


To watch Spazio Android Video Demonstration of PROBOX2 Remote+ below:

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03-Sep-2014 – SUPA CHARGEDiOS Video Review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+

SUPA CHARGEDiOS  just did a video review for PROBOX2 EX & Remote+. They mainly show unboxing and using the device with PROBOX2 Launcher, video streaming and gaming.

You can watch the video as below:

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31-Aug-2014 – PROBOX2 EX – Superfast Android mini PC Video Review by ITXtutor

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30-Aug-2014 – Probox2 EX + Remote+ Unboxing & First Impressions by China Gadgets



“Probox2 EX is a very powerfull Android Mini PC with a Amlogic S802-H processor, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of eMMC storage. This device is using the same hardware as Minix Neo X8-H, but it comes in a more complete configuration, it has dual band Wi-Fi and hardware DTS and Dolby audio decoding. It also has a gamepad with integrated sound and it claim to be the best Android Mini PC available on the market in the present. Probox2 EX Extreme Media Player costs only 149 dollars with free shipping. It is offered as a gift a nice Remote+ (worths $32).” – by Dan Stefan @ China Gadgets

To read full review article, please go:

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30-Aug-2014 – XC Techs Video Review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+

XCTechs Video Review of PROBOX2 EX and Remote+

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29-Aug-2014 – SomeCoolTech Video Review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+

PROBOX2 EX Video Review by SomeCoolTech. SomeCoolTech is one of the famous Youtubers and Reviewers. They did a deep reviews on benchmark testing, video playback and play game by using Remote+. Also he listed out some excellent features of PROBOX2 EX as belows:

  • Excellent remote control!
  • Fast and snappy media player Installs apps quickly.
  • Antutu score over 30,000!
  • Good SSD/Flash memory performance
  • Great video playback performance.
  • Remote works on other players
  • Power on/off with remote (a lot of android media players can’t do this)
  • Miracast works well
  • Zero watts standby power.
  • Over all very functional media player and mini PC

The video review of PROBOX2 EX by SomeCoolTech:


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28-Aug-2014 – Review (Italian) of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+ just did a deep review on PROBOX2 EX by using Italian. They tried to test on benchmark, video playback and gaming performance.

To read full review, please go:

For the video review, please watch below:

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