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3-Feb-2013 – The Gadgeteer Review of PROBOX2 ULTIMATE

The Gadgeteer Review of PROBOX2 ULTIMATE

In February 2013, The Gadgeteer made review of PROBOX2 ULTIMATE with highly impressed of the hardware and performance.

"In actual use, the Probox2 delivers smooth responsiveness in the UI – apps load quickly and run smoothly.....Netflix was able to play HD content smoothly with excellent audio sync, and I was able to use the MX player app to playback local HD and SD content (at least up to 720p) consistently without sync or video issues using software decoding..... " - by John Schettino @ The Gadgeteer

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20-Jan-2013 – Liliputing Review of PROBOX2 ULTIMATE


Lililuting Review of PROBOX2 ULTIMATE

In Janaury 2013, PROBOX2 ULTIMATE was reviewed by Lilipting.

" it’s one of the best Android TV sticks I’ve tested so far, thanks largely to excellent build quality and strong WiFi reception." - by Brad Linder @ Lilipting

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Video Review of PROBOX2 ULTIMATE by Liliputing:

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06-Jan-2013 – Somecooltech video review of PROBOX2 ULTIMATE

Video Review of PROBOX2 ULTIMATE by Somecooltech

Somecooltech described PROBOX2 ULTIMATE as a awesome device with the perfect remote controller.

"The firmware update made PROBOX2 ULTIMATE work much better. A lot of apps work now and it seems more stable." - by Rivers @ Somecooltech

To watch full PROBOX2 ULTIMATE video review by Somecooltech below:

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28-Dec-2013 – Video Introduction of PROBOX2 ULTIMATE (French)

Video Introduction of PROBOX2 ULTIMATE (French)

Special thanks to Kevin!

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