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PROBOX2 EX+ Firmware

PROBOX2 EX+ (PLUS) – 20161221 (5th firmware release) (TF card update method)

Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop)
Release date: 21-DEC-2016
Upgrade method: here
Firmware download: here

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PROBOX2 EX+ (PLUS) – 20161221 (5th firmware release)

PROBOX2 EX+ Firmware0 comments

Remote Control App (for PROBOX2 Air / EX / EX+ / Z)


  1. You can use your Android device(s) (Phone / Tablet PC) to control PROBOX2.  Please download the apk file and install to your Android device(s).
  2. Make sure that your Android device(s) and PROBOX2 are both connected in the same WIFI network, otherwise it does not work.
  3. For PROBOX2 Air / EX+ / Z, please make sure that "Remote" option is turned "On", please go to "Settings" -> "Remote" to check.

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