Firmware Upgrade Methods

How to upgrade PROBOX2 by OTA?

OTA (Over-The-Air) Firmware Upgrade

Currently firmware upgrade by OTA (Over-the-air) is now only available on Air / EX+ / Z.

1. Go to "All apps", press "System update".

2. If there is new update, it will show you the "Download" and the file size. You can press "Download " to install.
If there is no update, it will show "Your system is currently up to date.". Press "Yes" to quit the system update.

3. Usually it takes few minutes to download the update.

4. After download, you can press "Update now". It will install automatically and reboot it. Please do NOT unplug the power during the update process.

How to upgrade PROBOX2 EX / EX+ / Z?


Download the firmware and upgrade tool as below:

A. Latest PROBOX2 EX / EX+ / Z firmware

  • Go to "Support" -> then select the model name PROBOX2 EX / EX+ / Z
  • Download the firmware file (please do NOT download TF card version!)
  • Extract the zip file and you will get a .img file (for firmware upgrade on Procedure section below)

B. Upgrade tool

  • Download here: PROBOX2-amlogic-upgrade-tool
  • Extract
  • Run the EXE file (e.g. setup_v2.0.5.15.exe) to install it.
  • After installed, USB_Burning_Tool will be shown on your desktop / start menu.

C. Download and install drivers (make sure that there is no drivers problem with your PC) from Moborobo, or here:

  • Make sure that Moborobo has been installed.



A. Launch USB_Burning_Tool as below:


B. You can change the language to English as below:


C. Click “File” and choose”Import image”, choose the .img file you just download.


For EX / EX+, please connect with power adapter and do NOT power on. Then connecting the USB cable between EX/EX+ (OTG port) and your PC / Laptop (USB port). Prepare a thin metal stick / paper clip, then press and hold the restore button (inside the AV port hole). Then press Power button at the same time.

For Z, please do NOT connect with power adapter. Prepare a thin metal stick / paper clip, then press and hold the restore button (inside the AV port hole). Then connecting the USB cable between Z (USB port near TF card) and your PC / Laptop (USB port).

After 3-5 seconds USB_Burning_Tool will detect the USB device as below:


E. You can release "Restore" button.

F. Click "Start" to start firmware upgrade, it should take around 4-8 mins and please do NOT unplug USB cable of PROBOX2 EX/EX+/Z during firmware upgrade.


G. After finished firmware upgrade, it will auto disconnected. Now you can unplug it and connect to TV again.





How to upgrade PROBOX2 EX / EX+ / Z (by TF card)?

1. First of all, please prepare a TF (MicroSD) card at least 1GB.

2. Download the latest firmware of PROBOX2 Air / EX+ / EX / Z (For TF Card).
For Air, please download here.
For EX, please check here.
For EX+, please check here.
For Z, please check here.

3. Open the download firmware file, extract and copy the 3 files to the TF card under root like G:\ as below (Please do not put inside any folder!) :


4. Insert the TF card to Air / EX+ / EX+ / Z.

5. Prepare a thin metal stick / paper clip, then press and hold the restore button (For EX+ / EX: inside the AV port hole. For Air / Z: at the bottom near the power hole side), and then
For EX / EX+:
Press Power button at the same time.
For Air / Z: Connected with power adapter at the same time.

After 5-10 seconds it will enter the firmware upgrade screen as below:


6. Firmware upgrade process should take around 3-6 minutes, it will automatically to reboot after finish. Please be patient and do not power off during upgrading.

7. After entering to the UI, then you need to do Factory Reset once.
Go to "Settings" -> "More Settings" -> Backup & reset" ->"Factory data reset" -> "RESET MBX" -> "ERASE EVERYTHING", it takes several minutes to do the factory reset, please do NOT turn off the power during factory reset process.
And then it complete the firmware upgrade process!