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OpenElec 6 for Probox2EX [Linux Based FW of Kodi 15.0 only!] - powered by freaktab

- Linux Based Firmware just running Kodi 15.0 only
Download here.


  • interesting mate!, thanks for informing,

    i'll try propably in a week or so once i received the new probox ex+


  • I'd appreciate a review if you have time, Marco.  I'm not so confident with the firmware flashes so would like to know more about it before I jump...but, like you, I use the thing almost exclusively for XBMC so if that were improved it might be worth it. 
  • I'm curious to learn how this runs. A downfall would be that i use intetnet every now and than as well if i want to show/share something with friends or family.
    I ran openeelec on a raspberry pi, a windows laptop and was surprised by it's stabillity and performance.

    I'll report back once i have tested it. It might take some time as in understood there was a small delay in delivery of the new probox ex+
  • I would also very much like to know if this works. One question that occurred to me is that, assuming openelec runs, would the Probox2 remote controls work?
  • I just received info that the new box will arrive in 1 week from now. once it arrives i'll try the openelec version.
  • edited September 2015
    I have tried this and several other builds of Openelec on my Probox2 EX (5.05, 5.08 and 5.95 b3). Mostly they work except I cannot get hdmi audio. AFAIK it is important to get an image that corresponds to the Probox spec's (2GB ram), so that means an image for S82 boxes. If there is a build of Openelec that works on the Probox2 EX, and which can be updated, then I don't mind if the PB is not updated to Android 5.

    Has anyone got Openelec working with hdmi audio on the Probox3 EX?

    I should add that Finless Rom 2.1 works out of the box with no hdmi problems and it is a great alternative if you don't prefer Openelec.
  • In the meantime i received the new probox ex+ where i am currently experimenting with.

    For now i can tell that the former probox 2ex works near to flawless on FW3 running xbmc 13.4

    Can you guys help me to understand why one would want more regarding different FW and other versions of kodi?

    From my point of view higher versions (and i run 15RC2 at the new box now) doesn't bring much new to the experience...

    I'll be trying openelec this weekend on the old box and update here...
  • ir remote not working and i can't get it to work with this firmware also usb keyboard lag and need to be reset connection after 1 hour of use
  • i've moved back to the original FW toorgeman,

    openelec doesn't provide all advantages the original FW does such as playing games, easy internet browsing etc...

    cheers, Marco
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