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Buffering cache is filled to soon

edited September 2016 in PROBOX2 EX+ / Z
I am using a Probox2 EX+ running Kodi latest version. Some movies stream very nicely others take forever to load and then run about 6 minutes then starts buffering for 4 to 6 minutes when it comes back to the movie a little note at the bottom say's cache is full before buffering was completed. Is this something that can be eliminated? If so how. I am new to this type of viewing but at ease with trying things new. So far I am pleased with my unit but would like to know more about apps, programming and improving performance. I use this exclusively for TV viewing and would also like to save some movies to a WD external usb drive 1 tetra byte. Any direction would be appreciated. 


  • Well, that answers my question as to how Kodi v16 Jarvis would run on the Probox.  I don't have the EX+ but I'm not able to run any Kodi program higher than 14.2 without the same issues on my Probox2 EX.  For what you're using the box for, 14.2 should be fine.  I would side load that.  
  • edited March 2016
    Hi Coxohl,

    I have both boxes and haven't suffered from buffering.
    Jerm is right though, i would suggest to remove kodi and sideload 14.2 and do not update it after that ;)

    but, before you do, please share us your setup, as buffering has many other rootcauses:
    do you use wifi or lan?
    do you stream from your NAS or internet
    when does buffering occur playing what kind of file?
    Are you using apps (genesis, velocity, others) in kodi?

    let us know as Jerm and I are quite advanced on how the get the best of your box.

    the more info you provide, the better we are able to point you in the right direction, ok?

    hoping to hear from you soon,

    cheers, Marco
  • Marco,
    I only stream movies and TV shows. Settings: Android- 5.1.1, Kernel Version- 3.10.33, Build Number- PROBOX2-EX 20151015, Build description-  n200-user5.1.1LMY47V20151015 test-key, LAN(Ethernet) and Video: Sports Devil, Prime Wire, NAVI, Genesis (4k not available TV is 720). and Jarvis 16.0
    Depending on the stream ( or others) It will immediately start to buffer. Will do this over and over till the movie finishes, usually about 6 to 9 minutes between buffering. Other times it will start and never stop until movie is finished.
  • streams from "" and a few others i forget always buffer for me to on regular PROBOX2-EX. i use ethernet and am using kodi 14.2. the links i always try to use are "gvideo" and "streamin" (they always play perfect) and a few others i forget right now. 

    Jarvis 16.0 worked pretty good except it had no audio on some streams but most worked. buffering was the same for me as 14.2 after about 40 hours of usage so i didn't notice a difference.

    anyway, i think streams buffer for everyone but i can't say for sure. my friend has a Minix box and his buffers to when he uses

    i should mention i use kodi 14.2 from "Superceleron" as it contains updated librtmp files which helps "Sportsdevil" and other live streams play better. PROBOX2-EX won't update librtmp it seems so you have to install new kodi

    here is where to get it, 

    the link to click is in first post and its this line:

    "For librtmp and for instance Android/RPI 1/2 builds KODI with latest librtmp: My Files (by SupeCeleron)"

    look for kodi 14.2 and install
  • Hi Kurt,

    regarding the buffering, it's related to the streams from promptfile and not the box. I checked them too, and buffers all the way.

    regarding sportsdevil, be sure to sideload it from the website, as the one on the playstore as not always the latest.

    sportsdevil sideloaded works fine on all my boxes...

    cheers, Marco
  • thanks. also, try the CASTAWAY addon from  Fusion. the repo is Natko 1412. it has many of the same links as sportsdevil. i watched wrestlemania last night and noticed links that didn't work on sportsdevil worked on CASTAWAY. 

    its a good alternative to try if anyone wants to 
  • We totally understand how pathetic is to clear the KODI cache but you should definitely visit our blog for all the queries.  
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