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[Resolved! ] AVA cannot play the file via Samba / network by using Kodi, how to fix?

edited September 2017 in PROBOX2 AVA

For AVA if you want to play network media files (via Samba / uPNP etc.) by Kodi, you need to do the following settings:


1. Go to "Settings" on Kodi.


2. Go to "Player Settings"


3. Select "Videos" -> "Then untick "Play video with external player".


4. Afterwards it can play properly for the network media files.

We are going to fix this bug asap, we will provide OTA update once the new firmware patch release, please be patient!

Updated on 10-AUG-2017


  • The problem has been fixed by OTA update!
  • but i need it to play through the external player in order for it to play with the stock video player so it's in DTS 7.1 sound
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