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internet speed test results show ethernet really slow? can anyone confirm please

i checked a internet speed test with various apps in google play. all report about 1/10 of what i'm supposed to get for download speed. upload is fine

i checked two different PROBOX2 Air boxes

i use ethernet cord directly hooked up to box, (no wifi)

i am using firmware PROBOX2-Air-20170527

my internet is 100Mbps download, 20Mbps upload. i get approximately 10 - 15 Mbps download, 20Mbps upload on both probox2 air boxes 

all other devices get approximately 90Mbps download speeds. upload fine. same ethernet cord also

even PROBOX2 Air Plus registers over 90Mbps download.

the two google play apps i use to test now are (ookla) and FAST speed test (netflix)

i am using PROBOX2-Air-20170527 firmware. i never did speed test on older firmware 

could new firmware be the problem?

i have no programs running during test

if anyone could try their box through direct ethernet hook up (no wifi) with those two google play apps ( and FAST speed test) and let me know if your box is slow it would be greatly appreciated 

thank you


  • i got an old box with firmware 3 still on it from my sister and its same slow speed so i guess probox2 air is just slow from factory
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