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Movie streaming problems

Hi, has anyone experienced any movie streaming problems such as the video running at diffrent speeds to the audio & also the movie stopping completely & returning to the home screen. I seem to have started getting these problems since I done the firmware upgrade. Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Hi 1williamb,

    I noticed this behavior with a few apps as well.

    Would you be so kind to tell which apps you experience this behavior with? Please also advise which firmware you are using.

    The more info you provide, the better feedback I can give you,

    Cheers Marco
  • Hi Marco, thanks for the response. I seem to be getting the problems when using XBMC with the add ons genesis & ice films, the firmware I'm using is 4.4.2 . I've downloaded TVMC & the movies on that seem to be playing like they should, so I'm wondering if my problem lies with my XBMC settings.
  • Hi, just a quick update, I have recently installed 'live tv' which I have now disabled & all seems to be well so far. I will keep you posted on my findings. Thanks
  • Thanks for providing some more info!

    I can also confirm that onc I stopped using live tv, most of my issues vanished and xbmc became way more stable.

    Thanks for providing your app "tvmc", i will have a look at that one too.
    I have good experience with mash-up. So you might have a go with that as well.

    If you encounter buffering issues, you should install the #maintenancetool

    Cheers Marco
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