03-AUG-2017 – PROBOX2 Air Plus (/w Remote) Italian Review by XtremeHardware


Updated on 3-Aug.  XtremeHardware did a Itlian review for PROBOX2 Air Plus (/w Remote+).

Ending the review we do not have much to say but this time PROBOX2 did a great job. The PROBOX2 Air Plus is a further step forward in the multimedia box with the Android system, also worth its worthy Hardware (having the temperature in the standard that it warrants the right one. - translated from Italian to English - by XtremeHardware

To read the full review, please read: http://www.xtremehardware.com/recensioni/periferiche/recensione-probox2-air-plus-2017080312059/
PROBOX2 Air Plus: http://probox2.com/probox2-air-plus/

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