23-Oct-2014 – Tech Connect Video Review of PROBOX2 EX+ Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Media Player

PROBOX2 EX+ Video Review by Tech Conect. Tech Connect is one of the famous Youtubers and Reviewers. They did some tests on benchmark testing, video playback and play game by using Remote+. Also they listed out some Pros and Cons of EX+ as belows:


  • Remote+ is the best air mouse remote I’ve used
  • Fast UI and navigation performance
  • Versatile close to stock android can install many different launchers
  • Rooted
  • Good price for an AML S812 box including air mouse
  • Manufacture is reliable about updating firmware


  • Can’t video screen capture video
  • Currently must manually update firmware via a PC. OTA updates in the future though
  • Update wipes all data.
  • USB 3.0 would be nice
  • Chrome casting receiver not working for me.
  • iphone screen mirroring not working for me


The video review of PROBOX2 EX+ by Tech Connect:


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