28-Sep-2014 – LinuxGizmos Review of PROBOX2 EX

Updated on 28-Sep. LinuxGizmos they have just done a full, in-deep review on PROBOX2 EX Android TV Box. They did some comparison with PROBOX2 launcher and third-party launchers  ADW Launcher and Folder Orangizer. LinuxGizmos is one of the reviewers that concerned about media / streaming apps compatibility issues. They were not only to do demonstration on Youtube and Netflix, but also to do testing on most popular  media / streaming apps like BeyondPod, BubbleUPnP, Hulu, Pandora, PlayOn, Plex, SimpleTV, Skifta, TuneIn Radio, and Vudu.

For hardware testing, LinuxGizmos they have their testing practices like Antutu benchmark, Power consumption, Using the PROBOX2 EX as a WIFI access point.


To read the full review of PROBOX2 EX please go:

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