29-Aug-2014 – SomeCoolTech Video Review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+

PROBOX2 EX Video Review by SomeCoolTech. SomeCoolTech is one of the famous Youtubers and Reviewers. They did a deep reviews on benchmark testing, video playback and play game by using Remote+. Also he listed out some excellent features of PROBOX2 EX as belows:

  • Excellent remote control!
  • Fast and snappy media player Installs apps quickly.
  • Antutu score over 30,000!
  • Good SSD/Flash memory performance
  • Great video playback performance.
  • Remote works on other players
  • Power on/off with remote (a lot of android media players can’t do this)
  • Miracast works well
  • Zero watts standby power.
  • Over all very functional media player and mini PC

The video review of PROBOX2 EX by SomeCoolTech:


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