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14-DEC-2015 – Portuguese Review of PROBOX2 EX+ and Remote+ by A Minha Casa Digital

PC074701Updated on 14-DEC. This month a Portuguese Blogger A Minha Casa Digital just did a review for PROBOX2 EX+ and Remote+. In the review they did video playback on different video codec, WIFI signal strength, Playback of online streaming app and games demonstration. To read full review, please read here.


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3-Dec-2015 – PROBOX2 EX+ & Remote+ Review by Gadgeto Adicto (Spanish)

Updated on 3-Dec. Gadgeto Adicto just did a Spanish review of PROBOX2 EX+ and Remote+. To watch full review please read here and the video review is below:

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21-Nov-2015 – PROBOX2 EX+ Review by ITXtutor

Updated on 21-Nov. ITXtutor just finished a full and deep review of PROBOX2 EX+. In the video review, they introduce the features, run the benchmark, video playback and game testing. We are appreciated that PROBOX2 EX+ with highly recommended by ITXtutor.

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17-NOV-2015 – Review of PROBOX2 EX+ and Remote+ Review

Updated on 17-NOV. just did a review of PROBOX2 EX+ and Remote+.  if you are looking for the TV Box with good performance, good support multiple codecs and 4K playback to TV box for you. We recommend PROBOX2 EX+.


To read full review, please click here.

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10-NOV-2015 – MakeUseOf Review of PROBOX2 EX+


Updated on 10-NOV. MakeUseOf they just finished a review of PROBOX2 EX+.

To read full review, please read here.

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26-OCT-2015 – Review of PROBOX2 EX+ by Home Theatre Life

Updated on 26-OCT. Home Theatre Life just did a review of PROBOX2 EX+.


Home Theatre Life: The PROBOX2 EX+ is a solid entry in the Android TV box space. Although gaming performance wasn’t the best I’ve seen so far, Amlogic’s chip provided good video performance. Furthermore, firmware was stable, the launcher is intuitive and PROBOX provide slightly more firmware updates than most manufacturers. If you’re looking for a capable video player with some light gaming, the PROBOX2 EX+ is a good option.


To read full review, please click here.

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23-Oct-2014 – Tech Connect Video Review of PROBOX2 EX+ Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Media Player

PROBOX2 EX+ Video Review by Tech Conect. Tech Connect is one of the famous Youtubers and Reviewers. They did some tests on benchmark testing, video playback and play game by using Remote+. Also they listed out some Pros and Cons of EX+ as belows:


  • Remote+ is the best air mouse remote I’ve used
  • Fast UI and navigation performance
  • Versatile close to stock android can install many different launchers
  • Rooted
  • Good price for an AML S812 box including air mouse
  • Manufacture is reliable about updating firmware


  • Can’t video screen capture video
  • Currently must manually update firmware via a PC. OTA updates in the future though
  • Update wipes all data.
  • USB 3.0 would be nice
  • Chrome casting receiver not working for me.
  • iphone screen mirroring not working for me


The video review of PROBOX2 EX+ by Tech Connect:


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12-OCT-2015 – DropsOfWisdom Review of PROBOX2 EX+ and Remote+

Updated on 12-OCT. DropsOfWisdom they have just done a full, in-deep review on PROBOX2 EX+ Android TV Box with Remote+. They did some comparisons with PROBOX2 EX+ and other two popular TV boxes.  To read the full review of PROBOX2 EX+ please go:

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06-JUN-2015 – RJ Review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+

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12-Mar-2015 – XtremeHardware Review of PROBOX2 EX & Remote+

XtremeHardware has just finished a full review of PROBOX2 EX & remote+ (by Italian). We are glad to obtain Gold award from XtremeHardware. To read the full review (by Italian), please go here.

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