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Welcome to PROBOX2 FORUM!

edited September 2016 in Event

PROBOX2 FORUM is officially launched today! We do believe your feedback is valuable to us and will help us improve our products!



  • Congrats to a newly launched forum.
    I received my EX unit yesterday and will share my feedback here.
  • Congrat! I like PROBOX2 products! If you can provide more firmwares and useful apps that is perfect!
  • Just wondering if the xbmc in probox provides free movies/TV as it does in the gbox. Tks. G
  • georgie said:

    Just wondering if the xbmc in probox provides free movies/TV as it does in the gbox. Tks. G

    Sorry but what do you mean by free movie / tv?

    You can install any XBMC addons on EX.
  • I think that is what he means.  It is the add-ons that do what he is asking.

    Anyway.  just got mine today and am checking it out.  The reviews I saw were really cool and I am hoping this will replace my old google TV....
  • Thanks. As long as I can add on, that works. Already ordered probox so should arrive next week. Thanks Guy's. G
  • ccr1208 said:

    Received mine on Tue. Would like to know if I can use an external usb drive to download files via apps and web sites. Thanks.

    I just use my external HDD to download apps and using Popcorn Time.
  • Can you tell me if Portuguese is available on language settings?
  • greenday said:

    Can you tell me if Portuguese is available on language settings?

    Yes, probox2 ex comes with Portuguese on language settings.


  • Hi everyone!

    my EX will arrive on Friday (hope so...). Can wait to play and steam video with it!

    I will post some comments in a few days.

    Salut à tous!
  • Hi everyone,
    I've had my probox now for around 4 weeks, I think it's a great device which will get better as I'm still learning to use it.
  • Hello @ ALL,

    I'm also happy ProBox user since yesterday.
    I spent 4h. setting up my 'smart Box'. It work perfectly.. 

    One thing I've seen.. the voice sync has some discrepancy... ( YouTube, movies.. etc).. Why? Any ideas??

    Hi Sir,

    You can try to update to latest firmware.

    Please read:


  • Hola saidsat, encantado de que usted nos encontró foro Probox y haber iniciado sesión.
    Este foro es un foro para que todos juntos Inglés en todo el mundo puede hablar entre sí acerca de las oportunidades y los casos relacionados con la posible asistencia puede ser proporcionada.
    Por la presente solicito a hacer preguntas en Inglés.

    Estamos aquí para ayudarle,

    Hi Saidsat, this is an english forum hence the request to state your questions or remarks in english.
    Thank you for joining and we're looking forward to help you with anything you would like to know,

    Best regards,Saludos, Marco
  • Just bought my Probox 2 last night ...New to all this  once I seen my buddy wanting me  to  buy a Jetstreambox from him for $350 I started researching and comparing. The JSB seems like a good box but the more I read the more the Probox (as well as other coxes) does the same thing with the exception of different hardware specs.

    So forgive me if I ask something dumb...I am reading and researching before ask a dumb

  • edited January 2015

    A stupid question is one you did not mention,
    We are here to help :)
    The more info you provide on your question, the better respsonse you cam expect.

    Youtube is your friend :)

  • (Text from a other post)

     I will wait for the good people at Probox to come one with the new firmware (and Kodi). For the time being, I suggest a simple change : Switch Probox launcher to the other one in the preference. You can now customize the home screen with Kodi and other apps. I add a beautiful animated wallpaper for the background... et voilà!

    BTW, the wallpaper is the Dream Night Live
    You can download a other launcher too : Simple tv launcher

    See you
  • edited February 2015
    Here a screenshoot :

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