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Another failed remote. Whasupwitdat?

edited September 2016 in PROBOX2 Remote+
I had my second remote fail in about 6 months (the wireless mouse style).  Has anyone else had issues or am I just lucky?  It just worked until suddenly it didn't, I assumed the batteries were dead and changed them go.  Just like the last one.  I have no kids so they're not getting abused or thrown around.  Last time they sent me a new one free of charge and didn't make me send the old one back, but I don't know if they're going to do that again. 

Other than that I haven't had any issues (besides a very infrequent XBMC crash) so I'm still very happy with the unit itself.  I purchased a small keyboard and will control from that for a while, but it's hard to beat the convenience of the wireless mouse remote...when it works.

Am I the only one?


  • I've had it stop communicating once or twice but cycling the power fixed it.  Did you try unplugging and replugging the box?
  • Hi JermClarke,

    I have the box now for over 6 months and suffered the issue once after my XBMC crashed (which hardly happens)

    Everything stalled, and my mouse had serious issues by firstly not repsonding at all.

    After that It moved over the screen again, but in a uncontrollable way.

    The monring after all was ok again and still works now...

    I am a very happy and frequent user (daily).


  • Wow, Marco, you called it.

    The remote stopped working.  I cycled power on the unit and reseated the Bluetooth dongle.  The thing was still dead.  I changed the batteries.  The thing was still dead.  I did not try unplugging the unit.

    I picked it up two days later and now it's working fine.  It's all good now for some reason.  Thanks for the responses.  I'm wondering now if that first remote would have come back.  Weird,  I think the light wasn't working on the remote and now it is, which would indicate the remote itself has an issue, but who knows?

  • well.. yesterday it happened again..

    i checked, normally the little orange led should blink by every button touched.
    i did the unplug trick, repowered the box and all got back to normal...

    what still worked, was the powerbutten on the remote and the led repsonded to only the power button....

    weird hu?

  • That is exactly what I've had happen with two remotes!  I wanted to mention that power button thing but I didn't think I could convey it properly.  That's it exactly.

    Now I'm remembering a very important detail about the first remote that this happened to.  I assumed the batteries were dead when only the power button worked.  I just assumed that it was working intermittently.  My wife was in the kitchen with the batteries so I handed it to her and asked her to put a couple new batteries in it.  She did so but when she handed it back to me and it was hot to the touch and smelled of burnt electronics.  I opened it quick and pulled out the batteries (installed backwards) but that thing was toast. 

    So, two lessons learned.  If I lose air mouse remote connection try the unplug route.  If I change batteries remember that the designer omitted the diode in the design that would have made a backward battery a non-event.      
  • edited August 2017
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