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Probox2 Remote+ feedback and suggestions

edited September 2016 in PROBOX2 Remote+
The Remote+ is one of the best air mouse remotes i have ever used, however here are some suggestions how to make it even better.

The four game pad buttons dont have any function while in the air mouse mode, it would be great if there would be an app or a way to configure the buttons to own shortcuts. Maybe it would be possible to edit some Android system files and at least set some hard coded shortcuts.

Suggestions to useful shortcuts:
A. Pause / Play buttonGoogle voice search
B. Google Play Store
C. Google voice search
D. XBMC app

I have noticed that he direction pad will sometimes rotate, so Up is Left and Down is Right and so on.


  • Hi Tom!

    Thanks for sharing us your ideas!
    I believe you can alter keymaps to your liking, but to be honest till now I have never took a closer look as there was no need to ( from my point of view ).

    Your questions are fair though, so do me a favor, try to see if you can find something about this on the net. I will have a look too and report back once I have some news.

    Regarding the rotations of the keys, your right and it's specially intended as once rotated, the remote is in gaming mode.

    There are three modes:
    1 regular remote
    2 game mode ( rotate your remote 90 degrees )
    3 airmouse

    Please don't kill me on the numeric order.
    Have a look ar this video:

    Cheers Marco
  • Ricksigler,

    I do not recognize this behaviour...
    The only thing I found out once the batteries are wearing out...the mouse pointer (in mouse mode)
    goes "drifting"....replacing the batteries solved this...

    Back to your issue, possible stupid remarks, but here we go:

    - did you change the dongle in a different USB port?
    - did you change the batteries?
    - the remote works on 2.4Ghz are you within 10 mtrs of range?
    - perhaps a microwave-oven can mix things up? I know microwave ovens screw up signals in this range.... 
    let me know what you think and once done, I Will get in touch with probox tech to see if they are familiar with this behaviour

    cheers, Marco
  • Rick,

    One last thing i thought about is to hook-up your air-mouse to a pc.
    Do you have a pc available for testing?

    Depending on the outcome, I'd think the best way is to get in touch with probox and ask them to sent you a replacement... 

    cheers, Marco
  • edited December 2014
    hmm, interesting DonGrimme,

    Did you try to use a knife or screwdriver to wiggle the batterylatch open ?
    You do need to slide the back down in the direction of the arrow as show on the back.

    If that's not helping, you might want to put the remote in a seal or plastic bag.
    Seal it properly and put it in the freezer for half an hour or so.

    After that, put it near any central heater for a few minutes (make sure it's on) and let the remote "warm" up and try to perform the same activity...

    plastic has the feature to crimp and expand under changing temperatures....

    It's an strange idea, but if it's not glued, it will wo

    please let us know if it worked for you,

    cheers, Marco
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