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How to upgrade/downgrade xbmc?

The default installation of xbmc is v14 alpha. How can I change this to a stable version, e.g. v13.2?


  • Update: I was able to replace the default install with the arm version of 13.2 by going to system settings/apps and manually removing xbmc. It took two attempts to actually go, so check to ensure it has gone before proceeding. Then check security settings to make sure they are correct to install 3rd party app. Download xbmc 13.2. Install.
  • Dear Droidman,

    It's unable to upgrade / downgrade XBMC. We are now doing custom roms with other XBMC version.We are looking forwards to release first custom rom on coming month.

    Best Regards,

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    You can also uninstall any app by:
    click and hold app icon in app drawer > drag to trash can > confirm OK

    May i ask why you downgraded?
  • I downgraded for several reasons, the main one being that the installed xbmc v14 was unable to display the correct aspect ratio. It was stuck on 1080 when I needed 720p even though I was connecting through hdmi. Apparently it is a known bug in xbmc. See here. There were also skin and stability issues. So I downgraded to 13.2. All issues except the AR were resolved, but that was still a deal breaker.

    So I downloaded and installed SPMC. Everything looks and plays fine except any file encoded with aac audio. Those files will not display video, the skin freezes, but you can hear the audio. So I still do not have a working box.
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    First of all, you need to uninstall XBMC which is pre-installed on PROBOX2 EX before install another XBMC version.


    1. Go to "Settings" > "More Settings"


    2. Select "Apps", and select XBMC



    3. Click "Uninstall"


    4. Select "ES File Explorer"


    5. Go to "Tools", turn on "Root Explorer" as below:



    6. Go to "Local" > "Device" > "System" > "Usr"


    7. Then delete the XBMC apk file


    8. After uninstallation, you now can install another XBMC version, you can download XBMC on

  • My xbmc apk was in Local/Device/system/usr
  • I have the same issue - even after following instructions.
    1. Unistalled pre-installed version of XBMC as per instructions.
    2. Removed apk in "Local" > "Device" > "System" > "Usr" as per instructions. 
    3. Install XBMC Gotham 13.2 from (xbmc-13.2-Gotham-armeabi-v7a.apk)

    Everything seems to work fine... but video files will not display video, the skin freezes... but I can hear the audio. 

    I've reverted to a backup version of the pre-installed oman.apk but that's not what I want... ideally would prefer the option to install another version.

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    tumbleweed, try uninstalling 13.2 and installing spmc. Then, in hardware acceleration, disable amcodec and mediacodec. Only libstagefright should be enabled. See here.
  • Thanks Droidman - will give that a go later.
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    You can try:

    based on xbmc-13.2-Gotham-armeabi-v7a
    1. Decode 4K video;
    2. Fix playing video 1/4 issue when HDMI 2160P/720P output;
    3. Add system authority to xbmc, so it's no need to root Android;

    <-Download Here->

    based on xbmc-13.1-Gotham-armeabi-v7a
    1. Decode 4K video;
    2. Fix playing video 1/4 issue when HDMI 2160P/720P output;
    3. Add system authority to xbmc,so it's no need to root Android;

    ->Download Here->

    These two xbmc version which can play 4k/rmvb/h265 video on amlogic s802 platform.

  • Dear Probox mates,

    I recently downgraded the XBMC version as it was unstable, however it played everything for as far is I had mediafiles. (and I have quite a few differences).
    Now, my only problem i have downgrading to Gotham 13.2 is that it plays my *.MTS files (raw videocamera files) with good audio, but half the speed of video...

    Would anybody be able to help me? ( tried to activate the hardware acceleration options) but it only turns into the known issue of not giving audio/video at all...

    any ideas would be very welcome and thanks in advance!
  • I just recently updated my XBMC to version 14 Kodi, now the link on the home screen for XBMC does not open anything. Is there a way to link it to Kodi or will I just have to live with opening it from the apps section?

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    Get into the android menu, remove the app from settings menu and reinstall. I would suggest you would install the Gotham version 13.2 ( i got mine directly from the download section from the xbmc/kodi website ) running flawless now
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