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MEG-TRON.TV custom rom flashed to my Probox ex2.

Hi Everybody, first post.Decided to flash OpenElec 6 for Probox 2ex from this forum to
my box,unfortunately I could not get the remote menu button to work!  I then decided to try to install another rom.
I flashed the MEGA-TRON.TV-version
3 rom for the m8 boxes to my box. Everything appeared to run fine, until the
box decided to freeze in android or Kodi mode every few minutes.The only way
to restart the box was to power it off. I now find myself in the position where
I cannot get into the recovery menu, using the toothpick or android apps
recovery method. The box keeps firing up into the Megatron splash screen, then
opens up into the Android launcher, works for a few minutes then freezes.  So now I am stuck with a box which is
unusable.I would appreciate any assistance anybody may be able to
offer to overcome this situation.
Thanks in anticipation.


  • your one of a pioneer mate!

    I never dared to drop other firmware on it than provided by probox.

    I found out whilst upgrading official FW's that my box is also not getting into the service menu whilst holding the toothpick down during box also boots into it's regular state and the toothpick doesn't seem to change anything....howeverrrrr.....

    Connect your box via the mini or micro usb port to your pc (windows).
    install the service tool provided with one of the FW's via the download section.

    follow instructions and install FW5 to your box.

    once you have the driver and software installed, you will notice that the software does see change whilst booting with the toothpick pressed into the AV port

    now follow regular procedure and you should be good to go with the regular software...

    please let me know if this was helpful,

    cheers, Marco
  • Marco, Many thanks for trying to help me recover my Probox. I have tried many times to use the USB burning tool method to download firmeware from the forum but it never works for me. I am using windows 10 and I run the program as the administrator, the USB connection is recognised but the img files etc.are not. As far as I am aware the correct drivers have been installed. I  have also tried to use the Amologic bootcard maker to recover my box this also does not work for me. My pioneering days are over for now until I find a fix. I have owned the box for over a year and have never updated it. All I did was uninstall the factory installed XBMC and replaced it with Oman 13.2 XBMC build from the freaktab forum. To be honest it was running perfectly for me until I started to get the bug to play. Never mind I am using Openelec on an Acer Aspire Revo R3170 as backup and of course I have two other computers running Kodi 15.1
  • I believe the issue resides with using windows 10. I have heard so much incompatibilities it's unbelievable.
    I've dropped you an email,

    Let me know what you think about it.

    Cheers Marco
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