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Live tv playback choppy


I just purchased a probox2 and am having choppy video playback only on live tv. I have tried multiple apps for live tv. The audio is good and constant. I am using a Samsung 4K tv running through a Yamaha Rxv-581. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi,

    Please provide us the live tv information and we can test it on PROBOX2 or other devices.


  • I was using sports donkey app live TV channels such as tsn and I also used UK turks live TV channels. I was able to use Istream successfully.
  • I did have Apollo build installed. I have now competed a fresh start. I will installsportsdonkey again and try.
  • Are them Kodi's add-ons?

  • I emailed customer service directly they have replied. I even swapped my non 4k android (minix6) with same build and sportsdonkey app running and it did not produce the judder.
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    If you change the resolution to 1080P and reboot, do the problem still exist?

  • image
    Make sure "Adjust Display Refresh Rate" >> "Always"
  • It stop when I did change the resolution to 1080p. I will have to leave it until the next firmware update.
  • I have reported the problem to software team and they will follow up soon!

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