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How to fix "Return" button on Kodi 17.x?

edited May 2017 in PROBOX2 Remote+

Since Kodi 17 uses keymap to define the mappings of keys (keyboard keys, mouse/remote/joysticks buttons and more) to Kodi actions. So you must configure Remote+ before first use. Otherwise the Remote+'s buttons like "Return" that does not work. Or for first time if you press "Return" or "Menu" button, it will show the dialogue box as below:




There are 2 methods to configure your Remote+ as below:

Method 1:

1. On Kodi 17, you can select "Settings" -> "System settings" -> "Input" -> "Configured Attached Controllers"


2. Then you can configure the key one by one and finally you can save it.



Method 2 (by using ES File Explorer with enabled "Show hidden files"):


1. Download file: (if you cannot download, then open is and save as...)

2. Copy the file to internal drive, the path is:







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