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PROBOX2 Air Plus – Android 7.1 First release - 2018-04-04 (by TF Card)

edited April 2018 in PROBOX2 Air Plus

Android 7.1 (Nougat)
Version: PROBOX2-Air-Plus-20180404
Release date: 04-APR-2018
Firmware Download: here
Upgrade method: here or below

1. First of all, please prepare a TF (MicroSD) card at least 1GB.

2. Download the latest firmware of PROBOX2 Air / EX+ / EX / Z (For TF Card).
For Air, please download here
For EX, please check here.
For EX+, please check here.
For Z, please check here.

3. Make sure that the TF (Micro) card is in FAT32 format as below:



4. Open the download firmware file, extract and copy the 3 files to the TF card under root like K:\ as below (Please do not put inside any folder!) :


5. Insert the TF card to Air / Air Plus / EX+ / EX+ / Z. Prepare a thin metal stick / paper clip, then press and hold the restore button (For EX+ / EX: inside the AV port hole. For Air / Air Plus / Z: at the bottom near the power hole side), and then

For EX / EX+:
Press Power button at the same time.
For Air / Z: Connected with power adapter at the same time.


After 5-10 seconds it will enter the firmware upgrade screen as below:


6. Firmware upgrade process should take around 3-6 minutes, it will automatically to reboot after finish. Please be patient and do not power off during upgrading.

7. After entering to the UI, then you need to do Factory Reset once. 
Go to "Settings" -> "More Settings" -> Backup & reset" ->"Factory data reset" -> "RESET MBX" -> "ERASE EVERYTHING", it takes several minutes to do the factory reset, please do NOT turn off the power during factory reset process.
And then it complete the firmware upgrade process!



List of bugs fixed / changes:

The first release version of Android 7.1.


How to unroot?

1. Please go to: Settings -> More Settings -> About MediaBox



2. Press "Build number" 6 times to enable developer mode.

3. Return to previous page, go to "Developer options"


4. Go to "Root permission" and then you can disable it to unroot it!


5. Press ok to reboot and the device will be unrooted.

Cautions: It will erase all your data / installed apps. We strongly recommend you to do the backup before doing this update!


  • Hi all
    Did anyone succeed to upgrade the box to nougat 7.1? I trayed many times, but no succeed ... I did everything but no result, update do not start.
    PS I'm still on the 6.0.1 firmware of 03 06 2017 (PROBOX2 Air Plus – 20170603 (3rd firmware release) (by OTA)).
    Any help is welcome
  • Hello, I also can not update my probox2 air plus, to the latest firmware Android 7.1 First release - 2018-04-04 (by TF Card). I follow the steps indicated on the website, but it is impossible.
    Someone can help.

    Thank you

  • farrucon said:

    Hello, I also can not update my probox2 air plus, to the latest firmware Android 7.1 First release - 2018-04-04 (by TF Card). I follow the steps indicated on the website, but it is impossible.
    Someone can help.

    Thank you

    Hi Farrucon,

    Just updated the method again with video, please check it. 

  • Hi
    trying to update Android 7.1 firmware and following the steps indicated
    in the video, it does not happen to me of the first screen (probox and
    white background).
    It's impossible for me to update. Use tf card of 8gb, and izarc program, to decompress.
    1. Can not be done via OTA?
    2. Is there another method to update my probox2 air plus?
  • The Update does not start for me. The Probox2 logo is shown indefinetely.
    Is this update working for probox2air? Is there an option to flash via usb?
  • Dear All,

    For the firmware upgraded to Android 7.1 and cannot downgrade by TF card, you have to use PC to flash the firmware again.

    1. You have to use USB (male to male) cable to connect the USB port (near TF card) of Air Plus with PC.
    2. Do NOT insert the Power adapter.

  • Thanks hkadmin for this. Plese is there anyway to do samething to upgrade from android 6 to android 7.1 using same method? It was impossible for me to upgrade with TF card!! so using usb tool maybe the solution. Thanks alot.
  • Hi there,

    I havent seen any updates for this box, if 7.1 still being supported?
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