Bricked device

Device is bricked for an unknown reason, however, it is known that it
has never been flashed with a newer firmware than from what came stock
when it was purchased many years ago within a year from release.

device has a red led for a long time until after quite a while it
finally turns blue and it loads the probox logo but nothing else
happens. I had to buy a replacement power supply, but it has the same
specifications as the original.

I left a microsd inside of it
when waiting to see if the logo would finally load up the OS, and it
loaded recovery; I tried flashing a new firmware but it reports that
there was some error with the disk that needs mounting for that, and so [initializing?] the flash failed. Tried
getting into recovery mode again during the logo, but it would not load
the recovery.

I was hoping the probox team could help me fix my
tv box. The probox2 EX+ is a very nice product that worked well for me
for many years until it randomly stopped working after being in a bin
for several years. Otherwise I may be moving on to another solution that
is more modern. In that case I figured I would ask if the probox
remote+ would work equally well with another android box?


  • Im on the same problem. 

    i just dont put nothing inside,
    not a microsd or else,

    just one day came home and see that the probox2 ex+ just stop working
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