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Codeine Addiction
Codeine addiction may develop by continuously abusing the drug in its pill or cough medicine form. Codeine users are in a false sense of security because many people do not consider it as a much addictive or powerful drug like other opioids. However, codeine is a gateway drug to other addictive drugs such as morphine or even heroin.
Codeine addiction is a cause of several different factors combined, such as:
Genetic: Addiction to certain substances can be hereditary. An individual having a first-degree relative addicted to drugs is most likely to develop a substance addiction lately.Biological: Some are born lacking the neurotransmitters that cause well-being and pleasure. These people attempt to correct their inborn deficiency by codeine abuse.Psychological: People who struggle with undiagnosed mental illness often abuse codeine to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms and to feel more normal.
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