Which Panther would you most want on the Jets?

The Jets return from their bye
week to take on another bye-week-rested team, the Carolina Panthers. As we have
asked regarding the Jets’ opponent the past few weeks, wel ask again. Which
Panther would you most want on the Jets?For me, there very little thinking to do
with this decision https://www.thejetsfanshop.com/338-Javelin_Guidry_Jersey.
It has to be Cam Newton. He has his ups and downs and is by no means a perfect
player, or even a top 5 quarterback at the moment, but Newton is simply one of
the most talented players in the league who can be a surefire MVP when
everything is clicking. At just 28 years old, this one seems like a
no-brainer.The only reason I not excluding Newton from the poll is Luke Kuechly
who is great enough to give the former Most Valuable Player a run for his money.
Over the past few years, he has been one of the most consistently dominant
defensive players in the league. Blitzing, run stopping, covering, he can do it
all, and always does it with tremendously sound fundamentals and anticipation.
Kuechly seems to know the play better than the offense does much of the time. I
personally won pass up the quarterback, but Kuechly, who is still only 26, is
the best player at his position and makes a great case.Nobody else on Carolina
seems to make a case to match one of these two, but they still have an
impressive roster. Christian McCaffrey has tantalizing upside with his
versatility, but has posted some poor efficiency numbers this year in the run
and pass game.
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