What is the difference between lace wigs and a machine made wigs?

Lace wigs are divided into lace closure wigs, lace front wig and full lace wig, lace closure wig is made of lace closure and hair bundles, lace front wig is composed of lace frontal and hair weaves, full lace wig is composed of all lace inner net and real hair. Lace hoods are modeled after real human scalps, so the larger the lace area, the higher the price, the more realistic it looks and the better the wearing effect.

The mechanism headgear is composed of a hair cap and a hair curtain. Because the hair cap is very different from the real scalp, the mechanism headgear is not very natural to wear, but compared to the lace headgear, his price is cheaper than the lace wig. Breathable.

Why do consumers prefer lace wigs ?

Firstly, The lace at the front of these wigs provides added realism to the look. The lace is designed to mimic a natural hairline by blending with your skin tone.

 SecondlyWith better quality usually comes an increased price range, and while that rings true with lace front wigs, there is a wide range of qualities to choose from. That means that you can easily find a lace front wig in your price range.

Link: https://www.wigginshair.com/13-4-lace-frontal-wigs.html

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