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Twinkie Town Talk: The $150,000 Edition

Good morning, Twinkie Town! Here your
daily open thread complete with links to keep you from doing actual work. In
case you did not visit our humble abode yesterdayJonathan took a look at our
current series opponent and what makes up their team.We posed a question and
asked you to discuss if the Twins should actually name a closer or if they
should keep rolling with what theye been doing. THE DUFF MAN RETURNETH!
TeamCrazy Matt gets you caught up on the roster move that the Twins made
yesterday.The Twins lost their first back-to-back games of the season with last
night failed comeback; read a recap of the romp right here.In news around the
best territory of sportsing (Twins Territory) Brandon Warne dropped some id You
Know facts about the ages of some Twins players via the Twitter.Dan Hayes of The
Athletic talks about the bullpen and how it will have to be relied on more since
there no more off days every three seconds. (I honestly guessing from the first
three paragraphs - subscription required Kirby Puckett
.)Betsy Helfand of the St Paul Pioneer Press talks about how two
first-time managers are long-time friends and are now facing each other this
series.Here a short video of Jake Odorizzi with a pile of puppies.Around the
best sports of sportsing (baseball) A former major-league pitcher tells his
story about the decision to make a comeback and signing with the Chicago Dogs of
the indy-league American Association. (Please pitch when youe in Fargo.)A former
Twins player is back in the big-leagues after the Rockies suffer yet another
injury. (If you think I sound sad about Rockies injuries, I am.)Do you have
$150,000 You just might be able to buy this baseball card that was going to be
thrown away. (Guess I going to have to join James ponzi scheme.)Last year, a
British man was dumped, quit his job,
and traveled across the pond to watch a bunch of baseball games. He back at it
again. (I talked to him briefly when I was taking tickets in Fargo!)


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